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Slowly adding more details to this. The uniform design isn’t the easiest to do in 3d for sure.

Of course Hawkeye is one of my favorites, of course.

I gotta say I’ve always loved how the uniform looks. It’s realistic but still the design is original and interesting enough. Also men and women have the same one, yasss.

That damn hair is harder than everything else combined. Fix one angle and it’ll look like crap in another.

I recently finished watching FMA Brotherhood for like the first time since it originally came out. Goddamn I still love it so much, even though time has ruined a lot of old animes for me.

I remember trying to do 2D Roy fanart back then which ended up horribly. But it’s been 8 years so now’s a good time for a new try.

Also I really want a cool Roy statue but there are none so fuck it I’m gonna make one myself and 3d print it.