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Kris Costa’s summit panel was really good, made I feel a lot better about my time usage so wanted to continue this. Took a few steps back and I won’t do any macro details before I’m really happy with the overall face. Might take a few years.

Almost Death Stranding time so updated my Mads head a bit. I’ve gotten like 12% of his hair done so this will probably be finished around the time the game is out.

Have to focus on other things for a while. Also hair uhh.

I sculpt this kind of stuff so rarely that I don’t really have a good workflow or decent brushes to use. Now I’m just using layers, merging layers,adding morph targets with no logic whatsoever so might as well give up if I ever want to majorly change something.

An update. Retopoed him by hand since ZRemesher isn’t quite smart enough when you want to make sure the polygroups actually work.

Mads Mikkelsen likeness sculpt because his face is awesome and
there’s a ton of really good references around. Still a long way to to
go but I’m
pretty happy how he looks so far.

Planning to do a lot more realistic works next year (so I started now ehheh). Hopefully I’ll also have time to properly try out XGen.