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art for Resonata’s new album ‘Uncanny Valley’ go check it

Spotify  /   SoundCloud

cover art for Dead Zodiac’s ‘The Fall’ EP.. out on ProtoCode Music

cover art for ‘Snakes’ the latest collab from Shöckface & mark veins..out now

cover art/visuals for

‘Prophet’ by TVBOO & Klutch ..out on Music High Court

visuals for ‘Tribe’ by Shöckface & So Sus

cover and visuals created for Profane’s ‘Retribution EP’ out on Protocode Music

art for Audiotech ‘Alien Dreams’ remix by IKØN out on Techsafari Records

visuals created for Azimuth’s EP ‘Stellarium’


art for Welcome Waves latest release ‘Motions’ feat. Morgan Bronner …out now