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Original .Gifs & Animations from Cody Sampson

About myself regarding my art:

I’ve been making digital art since 2013, and prior to that I had been
drawing with pencil and ink since the age of 6; more or less. Expressing
myself through my art becomes increasingly important to me as a method
by which I attempt to convey my ever-evolving ideal of beauty, along
with the deeply rooted truths that I perceive within my self and the
world around me. My works often revolve around my deep curiosity of
life, it’s meaning and origin, and what might possible lie beyond it.
They are as much dedicated to all who find personal value in them as
they are for my own meditations and self-reflections. I’ll never stop
creating; the act of materializing my ideas makes me so peculiarly
happy. Cody uses Ello Here

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