Coming from blender and wanting to get into zb…

Coming from blender and wanting to get into zbrush. You just need one license and then you get every version in the future pretty much, right? I've also heard a few times not to get the core version, what do you think about that? I know gnomon is the go to resource but is there any gumroads people have or people you know personally that do mentoring?

Currently ZBrush is buy once kind of a deal but lately there has been (unconfirmed) rumours that Pixologic will go for the monthly sub plan in their next big update, like most other modern softwares. But that hasn’t happened yet and don’t know if it will. Either way you’re probably not going to lose money, if they turn sub based they’ll most likely cover the recently bought licences somehow. Well, I hope.

Don’t know much about the current Core but if you have any plans to do things even semi professionally main ZBrush is the only option. Core is a good start if the full ZBrush price is a problem.

There are a lot of good tutorials at Gumroad but can’t think of any mentoring options right now.