Thank you!My pipeline for hair curves is reall…

Thank you!

My pipeline for hair curves is really bad at the moment really, it’s way too slow and wastes a lot of time. Once I have a better way of working I’ll make a small breakdown tutorial that’s much more useful.

But generally speaking: I keep changing the curve falloff settings a lot, varying from really flat ones that work as a filler hair to really thin ones that are the detail hairs. To keep it somewhat easy to edit I clump similar strands together into various subtools, and keep those in different polygroups.

Curve falloff settings I usually use:

I change the other settings only if needed, usually default is enough.

To get the silhouette look good I always use really simple dynamesh shapes that I sculpt into the shape I want, then draw the curves on top of it in layers. For a full hairdo like Dany, that has several different parts, I need several shapes as bases.

Also once I have to the batch of curves done, I always ZRemesh them to get a topology I want. This is just a personal preference really.