Hello! Big fan of your work! Would you ever do…

Hello! Big fan of your work! Would you ever do a beginner tutorial. Im having trouble with sculpting and dont know even where to start in zbrush. I know the basic navigation, now its just figuring out how to go on about sculpting, Ive seen so many ways online and Im not sure what is the easiest or cleanest. Id appreciate the feedback or even links to so very good videos project tutorials. Thank!

Hey! Pixologic’s ZClassroom is a good place to start, and there might be some tips in my asks too.

When I started using ZBrush I mainly used just around 5 brushes and
sculpted with them until I felt comfortable enough with the basic UI.
Don’t try to learn too much at once, ZBrush can be stupidly complex but
if you add a new tool to your pipeline one at a time, it doesn’t feel as

Trust me you won’t need the special tools on your first year, keep it simple and sculpt as much as possible. Once you start to get frustrated about something, then search if ZBrush has a way to make it easier with a tool.