Hello! I’ve been your big fan for a long time and recently I’ve been meaning to go more into mechanic modeling. Could I ask if you do all your hardsurface in zbrush or in 3ds max? And if Zbrush then would you ever do a tutorial for how you keep everything so smooth, clean and sharp? Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey! My usual style is so simple that I can do 90-100% of the modeling in ZBrush, mainly using DynaMesh, ZRemesher and SliceCurve tools with TrimDynamic brush. Lately I’ve been trying to use more Maya/Max for hard-surface just to test that pipeline out.

For the overall smoothness I have a mini-tutorial about the importance of good topology, otherwise it’s just lots of smooth brush and knowing when to use it. Though a lot of my asks are about that so I probably have to do a another mini-tutorial soon about that too.