your work is really cool! 1. who’s your biggest inspiration (if you have anyone)? 2. do you listen to music while you work; what songs? :D

hey thank you!

can’t say i have any one person who inspires my art..theres so many sources..obviously anything sci-fi, cyberpunk i love, but also get a lot of inspiration from photography, love dark futurism, ui, glitch art..there’s really way too many amazing and talented artists out there to mention

and yea if im working there is always music..i love listening to anything by inofaith (reticent), subheim (away), n.phect, vacant (fate), access to arasaka <3 (recon), current value (dark rain),, burial (loner), stiver, bonecold, ishome (adam), trampique (indigo)..haha just to name a few

thanks for the Q 🙂