More Shuri.

More Shuri.

Virtually Natural  |  Cody Sampson

Virtually Natural  |  Cody Sampson

I hope its okay if I ask you about some workfl…

I hope its okay if I ask you about some workflow stuff! I'm currently working on character modeling in school and so far the part I absolutely despise the most is going about the retopology. I wanted to know whats your prefered method of retopo? So far I just use maya and quad draw though I haven't given the topology tool in zbrush a shot yet.

Retopo is definitely the most boring part of a character pipeline. Spoiler alert: It’s never going to be fun so it’s a good time to catch up on missed Netflix series or podcasts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I use ZBrush for retopo for the majority of the work, mainly because I like to stay in one program all times. If there’s something to fix or things that ZBrush just can’t do, I currently use Maya for that but any modeling software will do really.

Thank you!My pipeline for hair curves is reall…

Thank you!

My pipeline for hair curves is really bad at the moment really, it’s way too slow and wastes a lot of time. Once I have a better way of working I’ll make a small breakdown tutorial that’s much more useful.

But generally speaking: I keep changing the curve falloff settings a lot, varying from really flat ones that work as a filler hair to really thin ones that are the detail hairs. To keep it somewhat easy to edit I clump similar strands together into various subtools, and keep those in different polygroups.

Curve falloff settings I usually use:

I change the other settings only if needed, usually default is enough.

To get the silhouette look good I always use really simple dynamesh shapes that I sculpt into the shape I want, then draw the curves on top of it in layers. For a full hairdo like Dany, that has several different parts, I need several shapes as bases.

Also once I have to the batch of curves done, I always ZRemesh them to get a topology I want. This is just a personal preference really.

‘DWN’ | Week 7.2018 #houdini #side…

‘DWN’ | Week 7.2018 #houdini #sidefxhoudini #c4d #cinema4d #3d #octanerender #octane #weeklyrender #motiondesign #motiongraphics #animation #loop #art

Very speedsculpt-y Disney princess Shuri. Just…

Very speedsculpt-y Disney princess Shuri. Just something to reset my brain and Black Panther was very inspiring.

I expected to be annoyed by her but she ended up to be a little sister I’d like to have. She has the CUTEST face oh gosh.

FALSE IMPRINT | | facebook | inst…

FALSE IMPRINT | | facebook | instagram

damascusapparel: Upgrades. New women’s leggin…


Upgrades. New women’s leggings incoming.
Rad work by @altitxde7



by Yuditya Afandi

by Yuditya Afandi