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DR0NE | | facebook | instagram

DR0NE | | facebook | instagram

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‘Prototype’ | Week 42.2017 #c4d #cinema4d #render…

‘Prototype’ | Week 42.2017 #c4d #cinema4d #render #weeklyrender #3d #scifi

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Uhhuh well this officially got out of hand.

Uhhuh well this officially

got out of hand.

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Glamoween ‘17

Glamoween ‘17

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I’ve been dying to find more 3d artists to follow, I’m so glad I found your work!! Do you have any speed sculpts? I’d love to see your workflow

My video tag has a couple of sculpts sped up. A bit old but my sculpting style hasn’t changed that much so hope those help.

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damascusapparel:Shipping worldwide. ( Scene by @altitxde7 ) 


Shipping worldwide. 
( Scene by @altitxde7

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perrier:In your dreams. First in a series with…


In your dreams.

First in a series with @popsicle-illusion for @perrier

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